Parallel Lives and Personal Mediumship with Maren Muter


We all go through transitions or have times in our lives when the ability to ask questions, ponder thoughts or share reflection is needed. It could be needing to find the strength to stand after a loss, or a little kickstart in motivation! Watch this event recording for a panorama of metaphysical topics and life experiences that will astound in quantity and scope.

See the description that follows for an overview from pre-birth, in-utero, infant memories (confirmed 48 years later), childhood & adult NDEs and a deep personal tragedy, this story will be told in chapters — separate presentations for many of these periods / topics in Maren’s life path…


More to Life Than Meets the Eye:
Parallel Lives & Personal Mediumship
with Maren Muter

Are there parallel lives? If so, why?

In the first part of this engaging series, Maren Muter discusses how we live parallel lives, why this matters, and how this relates to choices, life reviews, and mediumship. By mediumship, Maren isn’t referring to the common understanding of the term. She discovered that there is so much more to this life than meets the eye and she wants to share these important insights with others.

Maren will reveal how synchronicities further opened veiled pathways between our lives here and beyond. She will recount her first significant understanding of parallel lives, choices, and how it was actually chocolate that opened these pathways of sight at only 3 years old. Pathways that remain open even today.

Explore parallel lives and how they play an important role in the “life review” upon our final departure from this body. Have you ever wondered what happens to the other side of our choices, the paths we didn’t take?

About Maren:

After studying psychology and sociology, while delving into quantum theories, Maren has worked for 20 years as a solitary practitioner in the realm of metaphysics.  Among her accomplishments she has become a Metaphysician, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and is a master in EcoRegression and EcoMeditation.

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Having written letters to a spiritual companion she labelled the “Flower Lady” from the age of 4 (yes, four years old) through age 17, Maren was induced to bury these letters in designated locations. Thereafter, she is led on a journey twenty years later to recover the hidden jars with letters preserved from that earliest time forward. Then finding more messages secreted in the attic on a premonition visit to her childhood home, a compilation of these messages and their varieties of topics and insights were published in her book, “The Book of Buried Letters: a real-life journey of insight and intuition”.

A sample follows of a letter written at age 9 that includes multiple dimensions and interwoven elements of time, a clear connection with observations found in quantum mechanics:

“Dear Flower Lady,
Only transiently does our spirit reside in a body while weaving a kind of French braid, where time, events and choices converge. And where bits of our spiritual matter entangle, again and again, before, after, and during our mortal experience.” Maren, age 9.

Plus, not to be slighted is Maren’s connection to “the food of the gods”, that is chocolate. Concisely disclosed in her other book, “The Story of Cacao”, Maren reveals a metaphysical perspective on the discovery of special effects from this now ubiquitous favorite for the palette and its transformative benefits.