Precognitive Dream Foresees NDE; Then, In NDE Has Pre-Birth Plan Changed for Love


Karen Schaeffer had a precognitive dream of her impending death. Later, in her near-death experience, her pre-birth plan is changed for love in the Most Awesome Way. Sponsored by Durham IANDS, Susan Amsden, Facilitator

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Precognitive dreamer has NDE and changes pre-birth plan for love.
with Karen Schaeffer

Sponsored by Durham IANDS with Susan Amsden, Facilitator

Karen had her near-death experience at age 24, six months after having a premonition dream of her impending death. Fortunately for us, Karen celebrated her 25th ‘re-birthday’ this year and can relate to us what occurred.

In addition, you won’t want to miss hearing that Karen retained memories of having her life script rewritten, which also resulted in changes to the life scripts of the others involved as well.

Karen’s been an educator for 26 years and is currently a reading specialist in Peoria, Arizona. She is also an investigator with Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations which helps families, businesses, and government agencies deal with paranormal situations.