This Side of the Veil: NDE and Afterlife Communications


Elke witnessed her husband’s death while he experienced his near-death experience as well as his death. She’ll share stories of love and connection from her spiritual perspective and as a loved one on “this side of the veil.”

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As a seer and empath her entire life, Elke has been in touch with the spirit world on both sides of the veil. She will share what she experienced with her husband of 35 years during and after his NDE, including communications while he was in a coma, in open heart surgery, and his after-life messages.As a counselor and spiritual guide, Elke’s is a message of support for NDErs and STErs (Spiritually transformative experiences) who are reorienting to a new life. And as the loved one of a brilliant man who’s NDE changed everything, she’ll speak to those she calls the “Left Behinds”: both loved ones of NDErs and ST experiencers, and those who are surviving the death of their loved ones.

She’ll share her strategies for living with an NDE survivor, as well as the important journey in Grief Land. Grieving is necessary in order to be in life fully, no matter what you’ve experienced.

About Elke

For almost 40 years, Rev. Elke Macartney has been a spiritual guide, healer and teacher. She is a seer of subtle energy fields–aka auras– and uses her gift to inspire and support others on this strange but glorious life path. Her life as a daughter of an NDEr, plus a wife of an NDEr–now a death experiencer in August , 2020, as well as counseling hundreds of experiencers, has informed her presentations at numerous IANDs conferences and local chapters. She is a shaman, a counselor, a certified grief counselor, Reiki master, and Therapeutic Touch practitioner. She enthusiastically volunteers as a facilitator for IANDS online sharing groups. Website, blog, and info at

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