Touch Technique Results In Unexpected Connection Beyond The Veil ~ With Jessika Jake


Explore the extraordinary potential of Soothing Touch in facilitating connections with deceased loved ones. Join Jessika as she shares her journey from witnessing “accidental” visits during Havening Touch® sessions to developing a method with an 87.5% success rate in promoting intentional communication beyond the veil. Learn about Havening Techniques®, the transformative encounters, and how you can Haven for yourself in this engaging talk, followed by a Q+A session.

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Unexpected Connection Beyond The Veil

While experimenting with a “soothing touch” protocol unrelated to spirituality, Jessika unexpectedly witnessed two clients making connections with deceased loved ones – one receiving a visit and message from her mother, and the other from a deceased friend. These accidental experiences piqued Jessika’s interest.

After discussing with other Havening Touch® practitioners, Jessika found that many had observed similar phenomena. This prompted her to ask, “How can we intentionally facilitate this connection?”

Working with a small group of volunteers, Jessika developed a method that achieved an 87.5% success rate in facilitating communication beyond the veil. This method combines Havening Techniques® for emotional depotentiation, known for inducing healing delta brain waves, with imaginative practices for generating theta brain waves, providing a pathway to intentional connection.

Discover more about Havening®, beyond-the-veil encounters, and how to Haven® for yourself!

A Q+A session will follow.

About Jessika Jake:

Jessika is deeply committed to transformative shifts, both for individuals and organizations. With an eclectic blend of academic credentials and heartfelt certifications. Her passion and expertise haven’t gone unnoticed; she’s been recognized by organizations like theAmerican Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement for her significant contributions to the field. Most importantly, she’s a shared crossing experiencer, shallow NDE experiencer, and has had a Quantum Change Experience while doing nondual meditation

  • Certified Havening Techniques® practitioner
  • Certified Brain Health Coach through Amen University
  • Certification facilitator DiSC DiSCO.
  • Author: Superconscious Leadership: for TiQi Leaders (trauma-informed, quantum informed)


Book: Superconscious Leadership: for TiQi Leaders (trauma-informed, quantum informed) /



This event will be recorded and available to view on our Videos page 3-5 business days after the live event!