How Can NDE’s Be Real If Having One Means You Are Crazy?

“But was it real, Dr. Morse? Because if it was, then you have to tell all the old people.” — NDEr Chris Eggleston, age 8! Presentation by best selling author, pediatrician Dr. Melvin Morse sponsored by Seattle IANDS. Saturday August 14, 1:30 PDT (4:30 pm EDT).

“But was it real, Dr. Morse? Because if it was, then you have to tell all the old people.” — NDEr Chris Eggleston, age 8!
Presented by Pediatrician, Melvin Morse, MD
sponsored by Seattle IANDS

Saturday, August 14, 1:30 pm PDT (4:30 pm EDT)

Near-death experiences (NDE’s) are real. The scientific evidence is clear. Far from being hallucinations, they are the final messages of our brains at the end of life, giving us a brief glimpse as to what is next to come.

For too long, we have dismissed these extraordinary spiritual experiences as artifacts of a dying dysfunctional brain. If we knew that we can trust the science that tells us that NDEs are real, we could trust the message of the NDE and transform our lives.

We are spiritual beings living an earthly life to learn lessons of love; as a medical scientist I can confidently state that this is a scientific truth. But science can only take us so far. It was my own spiritual experiences that led to my having faith in the science, faith in myself, faith that I too am a piece of the light that Einstein tells us is ultimate reality.

Melvin Morse, MD, is an acclaimed Pediatrician and author of books on near-death experiences and the spirituality of death and dying. He was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington for 20 years. His international best seller Closer to the Light describes the near-death experiences of children.

He followed this up with Transformed by the Light, Parting Visions, and the award winning book on the neuroscience of spirituality Where God Lives. He has published articles and won awards for his research on spiritual healing, remote viewing and other aspects of human consciousness.

He lives with his wife and teenage daughter in South Carolina and is co-director of the Recidivism Prevention Group which successfully treats addicts and ex-offenders through mediation and other techniques. His current research involves practical applications of the transformative power of mediation, applied remote viewing and Kundalini Yoga.

Finding Your Mission: The Divinely Orchestrated Path

Join our panelists as they talk about the unique dimensions, challenges, incredible moments of joy, and trials that are distinctive to finding our earthly mission. Have you wondered why you are here or perhaps you’ve had a metaphysical experience that left you feeling you were sent back for purpose?  The diversity of the life paths in this group will be shared with you and the unity in perspectives that arose from the discussion of that diversity will be illustrative for all. THIS IS ONE NOT TO MISS!

from Participants at the July 4th, Sunday AM ISGO Sharing Group
to be presented: Saturday, August 7, 1:00 pm EDT/10 am PDT

Finding Your Mission: The Divinely Orchestrated Path

You will be amazed at how this group was able to crystalize the title of this event in a spontaneous sharing session at an early Sunday ISGO event on July 4. The diversity of lifepaths and experiences will be shared (including NDE, STE, ADC, and spontaenous related experiences). The realizations then emerged of how each of these individuals found a meaningful mission or missions from the journey to this point in their lives and are awe inspiring to hear all on their own.

Next… the coalescing of each of those unique odysseys to a very unified perspective on a greater reality that gives meaning and purpose to all of this.

Sound exaggerated?  Guess you’ll have to join us to find the degree of resonance from within for your own journey… This may be the most amazing event ever produced on ISGO… six life stories that can bring us all together!

Mary Ardam
Daniel Endy
Betty Guadagno
Debra Kaiser
Mike Martin
Chuck Swedrock


A Heart of Harps – a faeries guide to being human

Dr. Karen Michelle will share a life full of experiences – child NDEs, adult traumatic injury NDEs, shared death experiences w humans and pets, and pronounced aftereffects including being led to learn the harp and allowing the music to play through her. This is one you won’t want to miss… Saturday, April 3, 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT).

IANDS Launch Pad Series with Dr. Karen Michelle, Psy.D.
Saturday, April 3, 2021, 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

A Heart of Harps – a faeries guide to being human.

Karen has had a life full of experiences – multiple child NDEs, three adult NDEs from a traumatic car crash injury and subsequent surgery, plus several shared death experiences with humans and pets, and pronounced aftereffects including being led to learn the harp and allowing the music to play through her.

Once again we are faced with an individual that hesitates while sharing because the profundity of sources and vastness of experience do not readily emerge from human language. Be sure to sign-up for this event to see and hear the results for yourself. There will be parts of this event featuring harp music channeled by Karen.

Biographical Info:

Educated with a doctorate of psychology, Karen was a full-time practicing therapist until stepping back from a busy work life to provide caregiver support followed by end-of-life companionship for her mother’s recent transition.

Karen remains buffeted by having to deal with the pull of a society that does not recognize the reality of transpersonal experiences. Join us to support this amazing woman coming forward to share her reality that has often been denied by family, friends, professional colleagues, … essentially alone until discovering IANDS and similar validation and affirmation from communities that have walked the talk and heard the music for themselves.