Experiencer Panel

Three amazing IANDS community members will share their spiritual experiences with us!

Experiencer Panel


Saturday, November 5th, 2022 

We are very excited to announce our Experiencer Panel! We will have 3 amazing speakers share their spiritual experiences with us.

~Leena Zafary~

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Leena Zafary arrived in the US at age 7, a naturally curious seeker. As she began to raise a family, she became deeply interested in physical health, specifically how certain foods, herbs, and natural remedies contribute to strong immunity and robust health, and in 2003 opened her own health-focused café, Z-Cafe. Then, in 2014, Leena underwent a Near-Death Experience(NDE), leaving her body to experience the other side. As she learned more about the reality of NDEs for thousands of people around the world throughout history, she also discovered that her own NDE had opened a spiritual door for her – one that led to further Spiritually Transformative Experiences and showed her realities beyond the physical, catapulting her life onto a new orbit.

About Leena

Leena’s passion has since expanded to encompass not only physical but spiritual wellness – a form of health equally complex and vital to the human experience. She immersed herself in study, absorbing material from scores of publications on neuroscience, spirituality, meditation, trauma, attachment healing, addiction, anxiety, somatic therapy, psychedelics, and related topics. Grounded in these learnings, she settled on the field of Bio-Acoustic Vocal Analysis research and practice, co-founding the Mind Body Soul Alignment Center in Las Vegas, NV. From the sound and vibrational cadence of her clients’ voices, Leena is able to extract information about their state of health and wellness, decode whatever is vibrationally off balance, and offer them healing insights.


Certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Leena continues to develop both her qualifications and her outreach, having recently founded Las Vegas IANDS, a localized meeting group of the International Association of Near-Death Studies. She is available for bio-acoustic analysis, Reiki healing, and as an inspirational speaker. She also plans to host a podcast, Vibrationally Speaking with Leena Z.

~Joseph Banks~

n 2011 while working inside an airplane fuel tank Joseph became unconscious. It had been but a few moments after blacking out that he realized he was in big trouble, a voice inside of him reminded him of all the safety training he had taken to be in a confined space. As a result, he used all his mental strength to become conscious again, which he did, and got out of the tank on his own. However, he became unconscious again at home, but this time, and a day later, he only woke up because someone told him to come back.

Ever since that day, things changed significantly. It started with what is called sleep paralysis (SP) then it progressed into out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and with some dedication to face what was happening to him on a nightly basis, he left the fear behind. At that moment he was welcomed into another realm. In this new phase, he was taken at first to learn compassion, and patience, and, in some instances, to deepen his understanding of humor. And in contrast, to learn to witness others’ actions without any reservation or judgment.

Joseph realized learning never stops and it expands into the interpersonal realms where all is intrinsically connected and yet experienced in a way so vast that it is pointless to try to understand them with the mind, they are intended to be felt. And all of that with the purpose of maturing and evolving souls leading ultimately to complete freedom and becoming one with the One play writer.

Joseph has started a small non-profit organization in Portland Oregon called “Pia Domu” Latin for “Loving Home”. Pia Domu aims to bring the loving warmth of the eternal Loving Home into one’s life and current experience. That by living one’s Life to the fullest one learns the true meaning of “Eternal Life”.

~Felice DiMartino~

Felice DiMartino is a Near Death Experiencer who has had multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Felice’s NDE occurred in 2015 when she was hit by a large pickup truck while crossing the street. During this profound experience, Felice entered into a timeless, expansive realm where Information was shared with her about the nature of Being a Soul existing outside of a Breathing form and the Soul in an embodied state. In this session, she will share with us the multisensory phases of her near-death experience, the information imparted to her, and the messages she has
been guided to share:

“It is time to Live Big”

“All is Truly Well”

“Tell them there is nothing to fear”

And that we are so much bigger than our bodies.

If time allows, she will tell us about the Circle of Love she experienced and facilitated during her 2 shared death experiences.

About Felice:
Felice DiMartino is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Channel, Reiki Master, and SOUL-full Guide. In 2015, Felice had a profound near-death experience when she was hit by a large truck while crossing the street. Upon her return to a broken body, her natural inclinations and sensory abilities were heightened. For the last 35 years, she has been on a Spiritual path, with an in-depth exploration of a multitude of teachings from Spiritual Masters and Indigenous Healers. She has participated in training intensives and
certifications in several Healing modalities including the Akashic Record Readings, Angel Intuitive Readings, and Infinity Healing; a blending of neuroscience and energy medicine. She is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor and thriver and a certified yoga meditation and mindset facilitator. Felice combines her training, personal journey of resiliency, 30 years as a Montessori School educator, and messages received in her near-death experience to guide others in cultivating a deeper connection with
their Spiritual nature, and an alignment of body, mind, and soul. She now offers 1:1 healing sessions, guest speaking, and group workshops. Her passion is collaborating with others to offer experiences of personal growth and Spiritual transformation. Felice is currently writing a book about her near-death experience which can be found at www.groundedillumination.com.

This event will be recorded. The viewing of the recording is included free with your RSVP to the event.

Recognizing Cosmic Consciousness

From success to injury, depression to awakening. Daniel will take us on his journey of experience to the remembrance of our divinity.

Recognizing Cosmic Consciousness with Danny Daigle

Saturday, June 4th, 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific)

Danny is formally trained as a Health and Wellness Specialist in Moncton, New Brunswick where he has worked as Lead Trainer at the local YMCA for six years before branching off onto his own until approximately 2013. He has always had an interest in all things health. He spent much of his youth outdoors playing, climbing trees, laughing, living a really adventurous lifestyle. If it wasn’t fun, he wasn’t doing it.

In 2011, Danny suffered a life-changing injury which would cause him to fall into a deep depression. An identity crisis. At the time, Danny was the most demanded, highly respected and trusted trainer Province wide. He was wounded. Who was he if he couldn’t be the best trainer? The injury prevented him from performing the large majority of the movements he needed to perform his job. Danny couldn’t exercise the way he enjoyed either. It was outright crushing, but it led him to really think about the decisions he had made in his life. This experience was a catalyst for him to look deeper into the question, ‘Am I really fulfilled in my life?’

After six years of crushing depression, Danny had been graced with a Spiritual Awakening on September 18, 2016. In an instant, everything changed. Things started happening to him that he had only read about or saw in documentaries. This wasn’t the first time Danny had experienced something like this, but this was MUCH more powerful. Completely engulfing. It felt as though he was walking through what a person might call, heaven. Foods that once smelled good to him left him feeling nauseous, and colors were more vibrant and real than ever before. Everything seemed to glow. Danny could experience every person’s intentions and emotions in a mist or aura that surrounded them. This continued at this intensity for 2 weeks until it gradually subsided.

Danny had no idea what had happened and what was happening, but was left with a profound longing to understand. He has been on this journey nonstop since that moment and has had many life altering experiences and downloads. From the moment of his Awakening, the most important thing to Danny is to help humanity remember our divinity and connection to all things. To know that suffering carries a gift and that we all have a hidden power within us that is way beyond our wildest dreams.

Blessings soul family.


This Event is being recorded and will be available for viewing approximately 48 business hours after the event. The recording is included free with your RSVP to the event. 

Have you experienced an “Awakening”? No, you’re not crazy!

Please join me as I share the differences and similarities of NDEs and Spontaneous Awakenings. Have you recently experienced an Awakening? Are you confused and perhaps even a bit fearful of what happened to you? Are you wondering if you had a psychotic break in reality? Well, I can tell you, absolutely: No, you are not crazy!

Have you recently experienced an Awakening?
Are you confused and perhaps even a bit fearful of what happened to you?
Are you wondering if you had a psychotic break in reality?
Well, I can tell you, absolutely:   No, you are not crazy!

Now you have to deal with the fallout from this incredible event. I know from my own experience that you have a great deal of confusion about what happened to you, and there are big shifts going on in every aspect of your life.

These shifts are affecting you and your family and friends. They are affecting your work, your home, and your relationships. You are probably asking yourself: How can I navigate in the physical world after experiencing an expanded state of consciousness?

The physical world now seems so trivial, fragile, transparent, unimportant…

What words can I use to explain to my loved ones about my new-found insights? I can’t imagine that they will possibly be able to understand me now… And most importantly: What am I supposed to do with the new-found wisdom that poured through me? And where can I get help to navigate through this new way of “being” in the world?

I know these are some of the questions I had in 1996 after having a spontaneous/kundalini awakening that left me unable to eat or sleep for three months. It took me twenty years to have enough language and courage to write down my story in “The Reluctant Mystic, Autobiography of an Awakening“.

When I had my spontaneous awakening over 25 years ago, it took me another 5 to 10 years to figure out what had happened to me and what to do with my new-found abilities. Please join me as I share the differences and similarities of NDEs and Spontaneous Awakenings.


Nancy Torgove Clasby has been a pioneer practitioner of spirituality and healing since 1996 after a spontaneous awakening that forever changed the trajectory of her life. Nancy has worked as a healer and meditation teacher since 1996 and has helped hundreds of people and animals find a greater sense of peace.

She is the author of “The Reluctant Mystic, Autobiography of an Awakening” as well as the recording artist of “Healing Meditations.” She has been a member of IANDS since 2012. Please contact her at:
Website: nancyclasby.com Email: netclasby@gmail.com