Author’s Spotlight Workshop – How to Become a Published Author!

Join this brand-new, FREE, IANDS community where authors and aspiring authors will share and help each other. We will also feature intimate discussions with authors about their books, publishing experiences, and tips for aspiring authors.

Are you an author? Or, perhaps, you aspire to be an author? Join this brand-new, FREE, IANDS community where authors and aspiring authors will share and help each other. We’ll be working in partnership with Metaphor.Ink. These meetings are free for everyone who joins.

Many experiencers are compelled to share their experience and the wisdom they gained on the other side of the veil.

Your story deserves to be shared even if it only reaches a small audience. If you touch a single person’s life it is worth it. With today’s technology, writing a book has never been easier or less expensive.

This group will cover all aspects of the publishing journey from conception and writing, to editing and publishing, to marketing and promotion.

The Author’s Spotlight group will also feature intimate discussions with authors about their books, publishing experiences, and tips for other aspiring authors.

Our FIRST FEATURED author will be Rebecca Austill-Clausen. She will share details about her journey of writing and publishing her award-winning book “Change Maker!”
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Peter Anthony – Workshop

“When you are given three months to live, you do a lot of soul searching, coupled with not only the importance of one’s Life Review, but what you do with WHAT you Learned on the other side,” says Anthony. Join us for the next phase of that journey…

This 3-hour workshop follows on Sunday, June 21 from 1-4 PM EDT to cover the extended version of “2020 and Beyond – History Repeats Itself Until The Lesson is Learned”  with Peter Anthony

NOTE! This event is not being recorded. It must be attended live only…

According to Numerology and Astrology we are in a time of Evolution or Revolution. Whatever personal journey we began in January 2020, will be revealed in the summer of 2020. What choices do we have before us? What past or current lessons are being played out in our conscious and or subconscious minds during this time of pause? And what does a Near- Death Experience have to do with the year 2020?

Peter will discuss the afterlife awakening from his Near-Death and explain why many NDErs come back with similar messages. Anthony’s book, “Key Master”, laid out a road map of WHY choice is our gift. I was given a choice to return or stay while I was on the other side. What I saw was a future with two possible outcomes. All of us will ultimately decide on two possible outcomes in the year 2020: 1. Now here. 2. Nowhere. Choose wisely.

Peter will go into detail in his NDE lecture of the CHOICE FACTOR and explain in a 3-hour workshop the importance of every choice we make from June 2020, will return as a lesson in the Fall of 2020, ending January 20, 2021. Whether it is clear to us or not, the Karmic system of what breads we cast upon waters always returns to shore could not apply more than today.

Peter Anthony’s Near Death Encounter landed him on numerous television paranormal shows. Anthony traveled extensively throughout America, working alongside a team of paranormal and forensic experts, as a psychic detective. Resolving forgotten murder cases, as well as exploring haunted houses, cemeteries, caves and concentration camps, skyrocketed Peter to become internationally known. Peter is the author of “The Key Master” and has appeared on the Leeza Gibbons Show, Borderline, Beyond Belief; Fact or Fiction & Celebrity Séance.

As Peter stated, “I had to die on an operating table in order to learn how to live again.” For those who have crossed over, as a result of a Near Death Experience, look at it as, a second chance, from Heaven above.” Peter will share in detail his Near-Death Experience and how it changed his life. After his experience he faced the following challenges: medical complications, becoming a national and international sensation, radically changing his profession, and his view of life. However, his will to overcome these events came from all he witnessed on the “other side” during his near-death experience.

Today, Peter is an author (of “Key Master”), a Life-Coach, an expert in Ancient Astrology and Numerology, a TV producer, and was recently selected into the Hall of Fame for musicians, spiritualists, and writers who are making a difference on planet earth. He shares his heartfelt story in the hope that others may benefit.

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