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How to become an IANDS Member
(or sign up for a basic Groups and Events account)

Joining ISGO gives you access to sharing sessions, courses, and webinars online. You can sign up for your ISGO account using your IANDS account email to receive additional event discounts. If you do not have an IANDS account, you can sign up for a free account (see ISGO Subscription Plan benefits here).

ISGO has two RSVP options to sign up for events. Regular pricing is pay per event and account sign up is free. We also offer a yearly subscription plan that gives free admission to general sessions and discounts on most other events. Purchase of an IANDS membership of supporting level or above qualifies for an ISGO Subscriber plan. ISGO discounts for the ISGO Subscription Plan and IANDS membership are identical; however, joining IANDS also provides many other benefits. Please note that your IANDS membership may take one to two business days to process.

Or sign up for a simple IANDS Groups and Events Account (fewer benefits)

Sign up for the ISGO Subscriber plan is coming soon, but IANDS supporting members and above can receive event discounts right now.