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You are welcome to join us at any meeting!

Service Area

This group is for those living in the Atlanta, GA area. Everyone is welcome to join the online meetings.


Please contact Tia Renee via the contact form below, or email here at

Regular Meeting Times

This group meets on third Thursdays at 7 pm EDT. Please use the form below to contact this group for the most up to date information.

Meeting Location

We meet weekly on Thursdays via Zoom and occasionally will meet in person.

Other Information

Welcome to Atlanta IANDS. Our Near Death Experience Support Group is a haven for individuals who have had near death experiences or possess a profound interest in exploring this fascinating realm. Our group is dedicated to the study and understanding of NDEs, consciousness, the afterlife, and the concept of our higher self. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where members can openly share their personal encounters, thoughts, and questions related to these profound experiences. By coming together, we aim to support one another in navigating the profound impact of near death experiences, while also delving deeper into the realms of consciousness and the mysteries that lie beyond. Whether you have personally experienced an NDE or are simply captivated by the subject matter, our support group warmly welcomes you to join us on this transformative journey of exploration and self-discovery. We meet weekly on Saturdays via Zoom and occasionally will meet in person.

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