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Dr. Joachim Nicolay
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The German NDE Network was inaugurated in Mühltal close to Darmstadt on 7 February 2004 as a non-profit, tax deducible organization under German law.

The Near-Death Experience is considered an individual and exceptional experience and as an object of medical and scientifically multidisciplinary research work. Our goals and philosophy are in close alignment with those of IANDS:
– To encourage thoughtful exploration of all aspects of near-death and similar experiences;
– to provide reliable information about near-death and similar experiences to experiencers, caregivers, researchers, and the public;
– To serve as a contact point and community for people with a particular interest in near-death and similar experiences.

We are committed to organizing a broad discussion of all facets of near-death and similar experiences in Germany and beyond. Furthermore, we cooperate with IANDS and other existing NDE groups.

You are most welcome to participate in our activities in Germany.

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