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You are welcome to join us at any meeting!

Welcome! This group is intended to provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for sharing and exploring near-death and similar experiences. We are open to the public.

Service Area

Initially, in-person meetings will be held locally in the Charleston, SC area, online access is intended in the near future after startup.



Regular Meeting Times

A monthly regular event is being organized. Special events will also be held.

Meeting Location

Venue name will be announced shortly.

Charleston, South Carolina

Venue and meeting details will be available soon.

Other Information

You are most welcome to join our Charleston SC IANDS Chapter.

If you choose to give us your contact information in the form below, please indicate in the ‘Message’ area if you prefer to receive meeting notices only or would also be open to volunteer/organizer startup emails.

Our mission is to offer support to individuals who have had a near-death experience (NDE), a shared-death experience (SDE), or a spiritually transformative experience (STE) by providing a venue for anyone interested in learning more about these fascinating topics. We invite speakers, view videos, and/or encourage discussion in a respectful and welcoming environment.

As a chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Charleston SC IANDS’s mission is to provide information to individuals interested in this phenomenon and to support those who have experienced an NDE or similar experience.

This can include those having had an experience of this kind, or possibly someone effected by knowing an individual who has had an experience of this kind, or simply someone with the curiosity to know more about these topics.

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