Know and Show ‘The Great News’ in Your Life!


You are a timeless being of consciousness / energy / spirit who chose an earthly experience for specific reasons. How is that going for you so far? This series will teach you how to remember who you really are, fulfill your missions, and upgrade every aspect of your life. Are you ready to know and show ‘The Great News’?! Each class can be taken individually.

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Much scientific, clinical, and experiential evidence now clearly shows the reality of ‘The Great News’ listed below.  This list may seem too good to be true, but it reflects my best current understanding about the nature of reality.  It may feel impossible for you to grasp this great news, let alone know and show it in your life.  However, doing so – even a little bit at first – can improve every aspect of your life.

Many people have awakened to the big picture of life and magnificently improved the quality of their earthly experience.  You can too!  I’m honored to assist your journey.

‘The Great News’ is that you and everyone else:

1. continue to live after your earthly body dies.

2.  can interact with ‘departed’ loved ones now and after you pass on.

3. are integral, infinite, eternal, and beloved parts of Source Energy now and always.

4. receive guidance and support from angels, guides, master teachers, etc.

5. are sacredly interconnected with all people, animals, and nature.

6. have special purposes for having this earthly experience now.

7. may manifest in other simultaneous time / space realities now and after bodily death.

8. have everything you need to enjoy an optimal earthly experience – no matter what your past or current circumstances.
9.  can find meaning, as well as opportunities for growth and service, amidst your toughest changes and challenges.

10. co-create how heavenly or hellish your life feels – whether living on earth or elsewhere – by your predominate thoughts, words and actions.

11. can likely use SoulPhone technology in the future to communicate with
postmaterial loved ones and access information from luminaries who can help us heal our world.

Very high degrees of certainty exist about ‘The Great News’.  Statements #1, 2, and 11 are based on definitive scientific research at a leading U.S. university.  Those studies used controlled, blinded, replicated, and multi-center conditions.  The results were also published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  (Those are the requirements for accurately stating that research is truly scientific.)  In addition, research supporting #2 has been conducted at six other universities or institutes.

The other statements (#3 – 10) are based on clinical research by physicians and university professors in professional settings.   That research includes near-death experiences, past life memories and regressions, perinatal experiences, life between lives sessions, shared crossings, terminal lucidity cases, and deathbed visions.

Items #3 – 10 of ‘The Great News’ are also supported by evidence from firsthand experiences.  Those include after-death communications, out-of-body experiences, spiritually transformative experiences, electronic voice projection / instrumental transcommunication, and other ways of knowing.

How can you increasingly realize the truth of this great news and incorporate it into your life no matter what your past or current circumstances?

I anticipate that ‘The 15%ers’ will best recognize and act upon this ultra-important question.  (‘The 15%ers’ is my term for people with more advanced energies / soul levels.)  Put another way, they have more evolved consciousnesses and ways of being much of the time.  They aren’t perfect but are more aware and, thus, choose higher-energy thoughts, words, and actions.

The L.I.V.E.S. formula provides a practical way for you to know and show ‘The Great News’ in every facet of your life.  The letters in the L.I.V.E.S. acronym stand for . . .

  • Learn the ‘The Great News’ and the scientific, clinical, and experiential
    evidence that supports its validity.
  • Internalize ‘The Great News’ to go FROM a superficial intellectual knowledge of it TO resolute knowing.
  • Vitalize and balance yourself holistically so you have sufficient vitality to
    handle life’s daily challenges, fulfill your highest missions, and enjoy the
    greatest life you have envisioned.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of the above.  For example, knowing ‘The Great News’ and living accordingly decreases fear about bodily death and ‘losing’ loved ones.
  • Serve others – and yourself – and make our world a better place.  Doing this naturally results in higher levels of peace, joy, love, and fulfillment that so many people seek.

I’ve assembled powerful resources to assist your journey of enlightenment.  These include free articles, newsletters, and radio shows available at  My very reasonably priced books and audio-products can also help you create the greatest life of your dreams.

This six-month intensive course can help you and others understand this magnificent but practically achievable vision.  A critical tipping point of people can be reached quickly, and your participation is needed.  Are you ready to remember who you are, why you’re here, and Who walks beside you always?  The meta-impact of you and others doing this can be an expansion of peace, love, and cooperation on earth.  It’s also the best way I know for you to experience a heavenly life now and always.

I invite you to join us and learn how to increasingly know and show ‘The Great News.’  You deserve to enjoy an optimal earthly experience and the world is just waiting for you to share your greatest gifts.  Every aspect of your life can change for the better when you remember that this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.

Class Descriptions for the
‘Know and Show the Great News in Your Life’ Series

Kudos for being attracted to this course. Sharing the information and resources in these six classes is the best way I know to help many people have a wonderful earthly experience. And that, in turn, sets up a good possibility of making our world a better place. Each class will
include the following . . .
1. Introductory cross-cultural spiritual chant or song.
2. Review of key points in the recommended articles for that class.
3. Q & A session
4. Share what you experienced in the audio session provided and used before each class.
5. Several participants share their toughest challenges and benefit from my personalized holistic recommendations. (Other class members benefit by learning how to design a healing and transformative program for themselves.)
6. Articles to read and audio product to use before the next class.

Class #1: LEARN ‘The Great News’ That Can Transform Your Life for the Better

I’ll review the evidence that proves life after death and strongly infers the ‘The Great News’. This information may seem too good to be true, but the collective evidence validates it. The more you deeply own this great news, the more every aspect of your life can change for the better. Attendees can ask any questions they want about this evidence.

Next, I’ll say more about the eleven items listed in ‘The Great News’. You’ve seen the list, but it can take time to fully ‘grok’ it and realize its authenticity.

I’ll discuss the Holistic Breathing Technique that you should use twice per week during the month before the second class. This technique will help you get clearer about your beliefs and perceptions regarding the nature of reality. And that, in turn, sets the stage for more deeply remembering who you are, why you’re here, and Who walks beside you always. Those key
insights can help you enjoy a heavenly life now and after your earth-suit perishes.

Upcoming Classes

Class #2: INTERNALIZE ‘The Great News’ To Deeply Know and Show It in Your Life

This class is designed to move you FROM an intellectual and limited understanding about ‘The Great News’ TO a resolute internalized knowing. The difference between these has been described as like living in a house built on a granite foundation versus shifting sand. I’ll discuss
common blocks that cause spiritual amnesia – since your Higher Self knows all this – and how you can deal with those.

The thoughts, words, and actions of many people are hampered by past abuse, prejudice, disappointments, heartbreak, and being hurt emotionally, mentally, and/or physically. In addition, some of us were taught religious, educational, and cultural information that was only partly accurate or was just plain wrong. Finally, nearly everyone suffers needlessly from worry
and fear about many aspects of life.

These factors make it very difficult to remember the nature of reality and how wonderfully life is set up. This can be especially difficult for intermediate to advanced people / souls who have higher and more sensitive energies.

Class #3: VITALIZE Yourself Holistically to Increase Your Vitality and Balance

A balanced and healthy body / brain helps you remember your true nature and how to best live during this earthly experience. It’s very difficult to do this, especially during challenging times, when you are sick, fatigued, depressed, anxious, or suffering with other common imbalances.

As a human being, you possess a dual consciousness:

1. Your transcendent source of consciousness (TSC) that existed before you were born and survives bodily death.
2. Your brain-based consciousness (BBC) that is determined by your general health, self-care habits, brain chemistry, personal experiences, and genetics.

The quality, and perhaps quantity, of your time on earth is directly affected by the degree to which your TSC and BBC optimally work together. How well are they communicating? A healthy and balanced body / brain can help you remember and demonstrate your timeless essence and inner magnificence.

Many people are very busy as they juggle life’s demands. That’s why I’ve found techniques and understandings that provide great benefits for a relatively small investment of time, energy and money. These approaches are time-tested, safe, and efficient. There is a way to meet life’s daily demands, enjoy the greatest life of your dreams, AND fulfill your purposes for being on earth at this time.

Class #4: ENJOY the Greatest Life YOU Have Envisioned

Even though it may not seem like it at times, your earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst eternity. Knowing ‘The Great News’ helps you remember that and conveys many benefits. Seeing more of the big picture of life can literally improve every aspect of your life – no matter what your past or current circumstances.

In this class, you’ll learn how to focus on and expand these benefits. You can adjust your world view so that automatically looking for silver linings amidst life’s clouds becomes your set point. One key is to ‘not major in minors’ while on earth. Losing track of what is really important may
create an excessive focus on materialism and egotistical pursuits. This can lead to not examining the nature of reality and, thus, believing death is an end, you can ‘lose’ loved ones, you are separate from Creator, and other limiting beliefs.

I’ll share practical steps to enjoying the life that you, as a soul / conscious being, designed before coming to earth. That’s not being selfish since you bless the world the most when you are happy, peaceful, grateful, and loving.

Class #5: SERVE Others and Yourself, and Make Our World a Better Place

Many people have wondered, “What will it take to awaken a sufficient number of people and make a major positive difference in our world?” Knowing ‘The Great News’ and living accordingly – whatever that means for you – is a huge step in that direction.

In this class, I’ll share my vision, and that of great teachers, to help you help others and positively transform yourself and our planet. You don’t have to work long and hard at it. Just remember your true nature and amazing potentials, then take action steps based on your new perspective. This formula, applied by a critical mass of people, can change our world for the
better. It’s really that simple.

Many people reorder their priorities after a near death experience, bodily death of a loved one, major trauma, or other challenging event that can become a spiritually transformative experience. Over time, they become more focused on helping others, deepening their compassion, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. That allows them to feel the fulfillment, love,
and peace that so many seek.

You now have the opportunity to learn how to do the same.

Class #6: Knowing and Showing ‘The Great News’ in Every Aspect of Your Life

After an intensive course like this, some people wonder: ‘Where do I go from here?’ They don’t want to ‘backslide’ and forget what they now understand more clearly. They want to know how to remain free from spiritual amnesia, fulfill their missions, and enjoy the greatest life of
their dreams.

In this class, I’ll share concrete steps for doing all this. I’ve learned from ancient and modern wise teachers, much holistic training and experience, and many personal lessons. I’ll share these insights with you and how you can discern your own best path forward.

I’ll also discuss ultra-exciting news from the SoulPhone Project and how this likely will radically improve every part of your life. You’ll learn what articles and resources can deepen your knowledge of how you can best live while on earth. I’ll explain how you can meet kindred spirits – other people in ‘your tribe’ – who can serve as friends and allies during your earth walk.
Finally, I’ll provide news about future classes and opportunities for deepening your optimal path.

About Mark

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has fifty years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and private practice.  His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology / pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, doctorate in chiropractic health care, and extensive postgrad training in clinical nutrition. He also has provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many people.

Mark became aware of clairaudient experiences at age ten and has since been blessed with numerous miracles, revelatory, and spiritually transformative experiences. After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, he was motivated to find evidence-based answers to questions that many people ask: “Who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die? Will I see my departed loved ones again? Is there a God? If so, why is there so much suffering? And how can I best live during this brief earthly experience?”

His books, documentary film, audio products, and experiential webinars / workshops address all of these questions. They can help you survive and even thrive through life’s biggest changes and challenges. Further, his work helps you discover how to enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned—no matter what your past was, or your current circumstances are.

Dr. Pitstick wrote Soul Proof, Radiant Wellness, and The Eleven Questions with endorsements from Drs. Wayne Dyer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and others.  Greater Reality Living was co-authored with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz.  The Big Picture of Life was co-authored with Schwartz and Katta Mapes, MA, MEd.

Mark was the executive producer for the Soul Proof documentary film, a 93-minute movie featuring interviews with people who had spiritually transformative experiences.  His twelve transformational audio products use deep relaxation, breathing techniques, and guided imagery.  A frequent radio guest, Pitstick hosted Soul-utions, a nationally syndicated radio show about practical spirituality, and Ask the Soul Doctors interviewing top consciousness experts.

Mark is certified in Past Life Regression therapy by Brian Weiss MD and the Facilitated After-Death Contact technique by Raymond Moody PhD, MD. Pitstick has given many nationwide workshops on spiritual awareness and holistic wellness at churches, expos, retreats, and conferences.

He directs the SoulPhone Foundation that supports postmaterial communication technology research of Dr. Schwartz and his team at the University of Arizona. Mark assists research on the SoulPhone Project and founded Greater Reality Living groups that meet online and around the world. To learn more about his outreaches, visit