NDEs happen whether you understand them or not.


Young mother’s NDE left her feeling alone until, through IANDS, she began to realize what had actually happened to her. Now, she is driven to help others. Presented by Dallas/Fort Worth IANDS.

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Leena Zafary was in the ICU and unable to breathe on her own when she sat up, left her body, and experienced something that she found herself unable to describe. Three years later, she was relaxing in a sensory-deprivation float tank when she again left her body and experienced many of the elements of a classical near-death experience (NDE.) Since finding IANDS shortly thereafter, Leena has learned that she is not alone as an experiencer, and her life has changed dramatically. On Wednesday, April 10th, at 7:00 pm (Central Time), Leena Zafary will join us from her home in Las Vegas via Zoom to take us through her awakening journey – a moving story that is certain to inspire and uplift.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Leena Zafary grew up in the United States from an early age. She was a happily married mother of two young children living in California when, in January 2014, she was hospitalized for nine days with the H1N1 virus. Placed in the ICU with two collapsed lungs, Leena’s decline had become life-threatening when she sat up, left her body, and had a near-death experience (NDE.) For more than three years, she struggled vainly to describe what she had undergone to family and friends but simply lacked the words to do so. Then, in 2017, Leena had another episode during which she again left her body and had a profound experience, but she remained isolated with these experiences until later that year when she discovered IANDS. Upon finding the language and concepts to unlock her understanding, Leena’s life has taken a new path, and she now finds herself gifted with the desire to help others. She has since founded the IANDS Las Vegas local group and leads NDE sharing groups online. She is also working on her upcoming book, Becoming Magnaninous! You can learn more about Leena’s work from her website: leenazafary.com.