The Future God Showed Me


Several NDErs learned that we, as souls inside humans, share Source’s power of manifesting physical matter and reality because we are parts of Source. This webinar will teach you how and why you manifest the experiences you have and how to more consciously manifest something better for your human life.


The Future God Showed Me,
a new webinar with Nanci Danison

About this event:

Source showed me a documentary-type movie of the entire history and future of planet Earth while I was in the afterlife the first time. A few other afterlife experiencers report that they also saw the future during their experiences. In addition, I was given Knowings that there is a part of Source/Light Beings, including us souls on Earth, that manifests the “default settings” so-to-speak for Earth.

This webinar will include what some other NDErs have seen about the future, as well as what I saw myself, and how much of it has already come to pass. We will discuss whether the future is set in stone and whether and how we can change it. Topics covered will include: will there will be another global war; what calamities still await Earth; how will the Earth end; the scientific facts that are wrong about our solar system; and what we can do to create a better future for ourselves and the world.

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Topic Date & Time
1.   Five Stages of Eternal Life Sat. Feb. 26, 1 pm Eastern
2.   5 Purposes of Life Sat. Mar. 26, 1 pm Eastern
3.   Who Is Running Your Life? Sat. Apr. 23, 1 pm Eastern
4.   The Root of All Evil Sat. May 28, 1 pm Eastern
5.   Be Your Own Psychic Sat. Jun. 25, 1 pm Eastern
6.   The Future God Showed Me Sat. Jul. 23, 1 pm Eastern
7.   Source Creates Physical Life Partly thru Us Sat. Aug. 27, 1 pm Eastern

About Nanci:

I am a retired attorney and current spiritual author who has written 5 books so far just on the experiences I had and the information I received in the afterlife. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in biology (anatomy & physiology) and chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, and a doctorate in jurisprudence. Since 1994, I have had 3 NDE-afterlife experiences, the first of which was transcendental in nature. The second and third NDE-afterlife experiences were what I call meetings with my Council, the group of Light Beings in the afterlife who are monitoring my performance of the mission I accepted at the end of my transcendental afterlife experience. I have also had 3 NDE-OOB experiences during which I got out of my body in hospitals during surgery or when very close to death. I have had what I call 2 “pop in” NDEs, where I popped into the afterlife for a particular purpose while still alive. During one I had a life review. During the other I received a huge download of information about everything that has ever been written in Earth’s history. Lastly, I was privileged to share my mother’s out-of- body adventure and death via an empathic NDE. For a number of years I was the group leader of Central Ohio IANDS, a chapter I founded. I have spoken at an IANDS Conference and various IANDS chapter group meetings over the years.

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