Ruth Secreto – Transformation Steps after an NDE


Ruth Secreto suffered complications and heart failure during surgery 30 years ago and had a startling NDE. Rather than feeling inspired, she awakened angry, frustrated and confused. In time, she found a deeper understanding leading to transformation, passion, and purpose.

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Ruth Secreto suffered multiple complications and heart failure during surgery 30 years ago and had a profound near-death experience. Though her experience was deeply profound, Ruth was left with resentment, anger, and confusion as to why she was sent back. As a result of this resentment, Ruth sunk into a very dark place of alcohol abuse, co-dependency, and depression.

In time, Ruth was guided on a very specific path of recovery and reconnection with God. In this, Ruth began to understand the message originally given to her during her NDE. Through this healing, she found  purpose and passion helping others heal and connect spiritually. She now speaks to various audiences sharing important information she learned from her NDE.

Speaker Bio:

Ruth is a graduate of the University of Akron with an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences and a Certification in Alcohol Studies. Her purpose and passion revolve around being of service to others and sharing what she learned. She is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, an inspirational speaker, a spiritual intuitive and a mentor. She has been featured on the television show “Carrying the Message”.