The Year of the Big Reveal – 2025 and Beyond – Part 2 – What is Reality?


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This special four-part series will look at the years 2025-2032 from the perspective of what many are calling the “Awakening.”  But what exactly is the Awakening and what does it mean for the future of humanity?  Throughout human history, we have looked to the skies for answers to our salvation.  To that end, this series will examine why 2025 is being viewed by a growing number of mystics as the end of 3D reality and the beginning of what is referred to as God Consciousness.  An intelligence of the mind and Spirit that will usher in the greatest spiritual transformation in human history known simply as “Heaven on Earth.”

You can watch the introductory 2-hour class here for free.

This course will engage audiences with techniques meant to expand one’s consciousness into 4D.  An absolute requirement before entering 5D.

Part 2: What Is Reality?

For years, many of us have felt a sense of detachment from this 3D reality.  But why?  Why is it that some of us report feeling a desire to go “home” again?  A home we cannot describe since it doesn’t exist here in 3D.  Why is it that so many are turning to miraculous stories of Near-Death Experiences or the supernatural to find clues to questions that have yet to be formulated in our conscious minds?  

In this 2-hour seminar, we will examine these and other phenomena within the context of the second most provocative question known to humanity, “What is Reality?”  This class will reveal a Truth regarding the purpose of this reality that will further transform your understanding of life itself.  Nevertheless, it will provide clarity as to what is happening to you and the world at large.  It serves as an intelligence ??? of awareness and its existence will be revealed in 2025.  It is known by many names such as the simulation, the divine matrix, the energetic field, or simply, the “Game.” (The illusion, the dream.)

The rest of the classes in this series:

Intro Class – 2025 The Year of the Big Reveal
* Watch the introductory 2-hour class here. (free)

Part 1 – Who You Truly Are – Sat Feb 10th – Sign up here

Part 2 – What is reality? – Sat. Mar. 9th – (this class)

          • What is this world?
          • What is this thing we call reality?
          • Are we living in the Matrix?

Part 3 – What is Our real purpose? – Sat. Apr. 13th – Sign up here

          • Why are we here?
          • What’s the point of all this?

Part 4 – What’s Next for Us and the Earth? – Sat. May 18th – Sign up here

          • What’s coming?
          • How can we prepare?

This 4-part course:

      • Offers a unique, spiritual perspective as to what humanity can expect in 2025 relative to a global Awakening.
      • Clarifies and connects the dots relative to how this Awakening relates to the various discussions and perspectives being given in areas of spirituality, religion, philosophy, mysticism, near-death (NDE), UFO phenomenon, and science.
      • Frames these discussions within the context of the most fundamental and intimate questions that humanity and individuals have grappled with relative to our existence and identity as spiritual beings.

Participants will:

      • Gain a deep and empowering understanding of our true identity as supreme beings.
      • Fully comprehend why we are here and the purpose for the chaos and contrast in the world today.
      • Support your current Awakening in preparation for 2025 which will bring a heightened sense of awareness known as Christ Consciousness, the Inner Child, and the Divine Feminine.  A collective stream of consciousness meant to clear the path for the full integration of 5D intelligence that is now making its presence known in our world. 

About Franco Romero, MA, MHP

Franco Romero, author of the bestselling book, “The Closet Spiritualist,” has information that he feels compelled to share with the world. He resisted his awakening and he resisted the knowledge that was originally given to him until he couldn’t resist it any longer. He then came out of the spiritual closet and wrote the story of his journey of awakening.

Franco is a Top 10 bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, and speaker.  His first book is titled “The Closet Spiritualist” which was inspired by a near-death experience that left him clairvoyant.  Abilities he was unwilling to recognize until an Awakening in 2010 where he was re-introduced to a collective consciousness known as Caleb.  A Voice which has been guiding him since he was a young boy.

Franco is currently writing his second book titled “The Modern Day Alchemist” which looks at our future from the perspective of God Consciousness. A science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating “heaven on earth” in the coming decade.  Franco holds two masters degrees and is co-founder of MyNurish, the formulator of a powerful, superfood and plant-based nutrition for the body, mind, and soul.



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