Christian Theme NDE/STE Sharing Group

Are you a Christian who wonders how or if your NDE or other Spiritually Transformative Experience aligns with your faith? Are you a non-Christian who has had an NDE with Jesus, or set in a Christian context? Are you struggling to integrate your experience? Come explore these questions with others having similar concerns. While this Sharing Session contains Christian content, it is open to all who have a desire to join us.

The “Christian Themed NDE/STE Sharing Group” is a sharing group for those in, or from, a Christian community who have had, or are interested in the near-death or similar experiences.

For some experiencers, it’s helpful to consider issues of Christianity in discussing their NDE/STE. This group allows a safe place for those types discussions. Each evening will begin with a presentation, followed by time for participants to respond. Additionally, there will be time to share your experiences, challenges, joys, and dreams.

We understand attendees of this group may come from many different Christian traditions, other faith traditions, or none at all. We commit to respecting all who attend this group, knowing each person holds their own personal perspectives and beliefs. This is a safe place of non-judgment. There is also no proselytizing. With open hearts we can discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among and within us.
~ Stephanie Bradbury

About the facilitator 

The Rev. Stephanie Chase Bradbury has been an Episcopal Priest for 25 years and has professionally counseled many people who’ve had NDE’s and STE’s. She herself has had a number of Spiritually Transformative Experiences beginning at age 6. Stephanie is drawn to the bright overlap between matter and spirit, and how life in this reality is intertwined with the transcendent. She feels called to act as a translator to a world that is often blind to the astonishing wonder of All That Is, and help facilitate the processing of those who have been touched by the extraordinary. Stephanie has led retreats, spoken at Boston IANDS gatherings, and been interviewed for the Leap from Within podcast. While grounded in the Christian tradition, Stephanie welcomes insight both from within organized religions and beyond. You can learn more at

CLYES 09 Facilitated After-Death Communication

Much scientific and clinical evidence now clearly shows that your ‘deceased” loved ones – people and pets – are still very much alive and well. What’s more, they likely can still communicate and want to continue a relationship with you. Join the inquiry on Saturday, June 26, 2021 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern.

Creating the Life You Envision Series *** with Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Saturday, June 26th at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

Series Installment Number 9:

Visit with you ‘Departed’ Loved Ones Now

*** This is the ninth of 10 (or possibly a couple more) independent presentation & interactive-oriented sessions from Mark…


Much scientific and clinical evidence now clearly shows that your ‘deceased” loved ones – people and pets – are still very much alive and well.  What’s more, they likely can still communicate and want to continue a relationship with you.

During this session, you will learn how to better perceive their presence and enjoy meaningful contact.  Your experience of them may be different than it was while they were on earth, but it still can be very comforting and joyful.

In this webinar you will: 

  • learn 4 keys to increasing the chances of an after-death communication (ADC) with your loved ones.
  • understand 3 steps to take before using this technique.
  • gain knowledge about how to get on a similar wavelength as your postmaterial loved ones.
  • have an actual facilitated ADC session using deep relaxation / hypnosis to visit with two of your ‘departed’ loved ones

Note: To optimally prepare for this session, be fully rested since deep relaxation is conducive to sleep.  Eat a light, healthy meal beforehand so you aren’t hungry or overly full.  Avoid excess caffeine and sugar for 24 hours before the session.  Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for at least three days before the session.  Have chapstick and water. Finally, have a personal object of your loved ones you hope to contact. 

This session is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Do not participate in this session if you feel uncomfortable at any time.  Ask your therapist or physician before using this technique if you are under care for significant depression, anxiety, or any other “mental” symptoms.


This entry in a series of Maren Muter’s presentations chronicles how she essentially kept a journal of her perspectives of the external world from the age of 4 through 11 and buried them as letters to the “Flower Lady” in mason jars during family trips along U.S. west coast. Come note that among the entries of diary level observations are buried the musings of a savant including theories of quantum reality and micro-biology that were ahead of the discoveries in those fields by leading physicists and experimental scientists.

Come Hear the Amazing Story of the Buried Letters and Their Rediscovery.
Saturday, June 19th, 2 pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern)

(click on the book cover image shown below to link to Maren’s webpage and a 2:55 min. video description of the book’s origin… plus see the footnote at the bottom of this page giving details of this story that are not apparent from this description.)

Click on the book cover for an audio intro...Oregon has always held a special magic, and that essence was alive and well in the early 1970s when a young Maren Muter buried a secret, hundreds of secrets, surrounded by the protective roots of old-growth pines.

Muter received an email with a listing to her childhood home.

“I got in the car and drove 13 hours to Lake Oswego, Oregon” she said. “and called the real estate agent to schedule a showing. It was during the phone calls with the realtor that I found out her grandfather had actually built the home.”

At the attic door is when a realization hit Muter, “I bet there are still letters in there.” Letters she had written by moonlight or behind the closed doors. Poetry, predictions, and theories flowed from thought to paper and then were hidden from the world in glass jars, or in the case of the attic, stuffed between the brick of the chimney and the rafters.

Muter retrieved the letters.

“It truly was a wrinkle in time,” she said. “For a moment I was 8 years old, and the weather outside pattered on the roof and the chimney warmed my hand. At once I seemed to be me touching the little girl’s hand as my own. It was very surreal.”

The next day, the real estate agent called Muter and asked if she’d return to tell the current homeowner her story.

“We had coffee and lemonade and talked about the house,” Muter said. “There was only a handful of families had ever lived in that house. It was really cool. We were all laughing sharing our stories. And that’s when the buried letters came up.”

The homeowner wondered if other letters remained hidden.

“I told her I played in the room at the end of the attic,” Muter said. “The one that was like a hidden room. She and I went on an adventure, crawling through the dark attic with flashlights to hunt for letters. We found seven more.”

Maren took the letters with her and returned to California.

The letters found in the attic were the most recent addition to a two-year hunt that spanned from Oregon to California. Where Muter, armed with a metal detector and spade, unearthed a cache of buried treasure.

“I was never really expecting to find or read these letters again,” Muter said. “It’s the life of a little girl who lived and moved in her own private world.”

The floor in Maren’s California residence was then covered with hundreds of letters – sallow from 40 years in subterranean keep.

Over an evening dinner, Maren shared her findings with her friends in the Big Sur community. The idea was for it to be light and fun, a glimpse into her childhood musing. The response was not at all what she expected.

The people she shared it with invited their friends – who in turn wanted to invite others. Her writing was a source of spiritual convalescence: an access point to a child’s sense of oneness that most people lose with age. The journal entries read as poems, and the poems as feelings lost.

The letters not only have opened a window back into the life of this little girl but have allowed others to take a similar journey.

She chose to compile the writings, and make them available in the form of a book. The initial chapters of which are written as the narrative of a little girl who communicates to the Flower Lady via buried letters. The same letters Muter dug up 40 years later.

“Part of that world still resides within my soul and plays as if not a day has passed,” she said.

“Somewhere along the path less traveled, my heart, it led, four directions baffled. And should we meet before the end, the gift of chocolate for you, my friend.” – Maren

About Maren:

After studying psychology and sociology, while delving into quantum theories, Maren has worked for 20 years as a solitary practitioner in the realm of metaphysics.  Among her accomplishments she has become a Metaphysician, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and is a master in EcoRegression and EcoMeditation. Currently, she offers services in motivational coaching combined with instruction in meditation. You can find out more at:

Maren also features a regular podcast at:

When she is not busy with that, she is probably busy in the kitchen playing with chocolate.

Additionally, click on the book images below to go to Amazon to read about the book, read reviews, and/or buy one for your collection.

Having written letters to a spiritual companion she labelled the “Flower Lady” from the age of 4 (yes, four years old) through age 17, Maren was induced to bury these letters in designated locations. Thereafter, she is led on a journey twenty years later to recover the hidden jars with letters preserved from that earliest time forward. Then finding more messages secreted in the attic on a premonition visit to her childhood home, a compilation of these messages and their varieties of topics and insights were published in her book, “The Book of Buried Letters: a real-life journey of insight and intuition”.

A sample follows of a letter written at age 9 that includes multiple dimensions and interwoven elements of time, a clear connection with observations found in quantum mechanics:

“Dear Flower Lady,
Only transiently does our spirit reside in a body while weaving a kind of French braid, where time, events and choices converge. And where bits of our spiritual matter entangle, again and again, before, after, and during our mortal experience.” Maren, age 9.

Plus, not to be slighted is Maren’s connection to “the food of the gods”, that is chocolate. Concisely disclosed in her other book, “The Story of Cacao”, Maren reveals a metaphysical perspective on the discovery of special effects from this now ubiquitous favorite for the palette and its transformative benefits.



Footnote – comment from ISGO Coordinator, C. Swedrock:

Hi, this is an unusual step for me as a principle coordinator for producing these entries on the IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO) calendar of events. My position is that of producer and not an evaluator of these events; that is, I feel constrained to be neutral 99.9% of the time about these events. However, this one has a special twist that I feel should be given a bit of a spotlight reference.

Maren’s letters written as a young child contain content that cannot be explained by normal views of consciousness and awareness from a physical human perspective. The perspectives that are reflected in some of the writings in her childhood letters are beyond the scientific understanding of the era when those letters were written. This is especially reflected in comprehension of advanced theories, even today, in the fields of quantum physics and micro-biology. The overall tapping into a higher plane of consciousness must be given credible contemplation in my opinion.

Thank you for your interest and support of these presentations by ISGO guest speakers, +/Chuck Swedrock

From Dreams to Reality-an NDE Consistent with ACIM Teachings

Durham IANDS with Susan Amsden, Facilitator
Friday, June 18, 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific)

From Dreams to Reality-an NDE Consistent with ACIM Teachings

In 1977, at the age of 15, I fell backwards 20 feet onto concrete initiating a life changing NDE. To all that observed me, I was in a comatose state for 3 days suffering from a traumatic brain injury, but to me, I was experiencing a return to my True Self.

I left my body at the scene of the accident and ventured through many episodes including experiences with Jesus, seeing my deceased great-grandmother Julia, seeing key future happenings of my family members – including my mother’s death at age 40 – and fighting desperately to stay “over there.” Ultimately, I chose to return because Jesus telepathically imparted, “you can be of more help if you returned to your life than if you stayed over here.” In other words, those “over there” already were aware of their True Self.

The greatest need is for ALL minds to awaken to and operate from their Everlasting Being. No one dies, but we do leave our dream body, and what is so desperately needed to hear, while still in the body, is that our True identity is not our body. Without knowing Our Truth, we suffer tremendously, imprisoned, and pressured by life, seemingly stuck in a body constantly judged by ourselves and others, ultimately ending in death – and we’re taught that God cast us out and put us in a world under some sort of test. Ugh. No wonder we suffer so! We’re under a hell spell and NDEs are one way of breaking this spell.
Another way…in 1985, I was introduced to a spiritual path called A Course in Miracles (ACIM). My mouth dropped open when reading it, because not only did I totally recognize its radical content as True (due to my NDE), but it was articulating so beautifully an entire construct and system of thought. The Course summarizes its teachings as: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Durham IANDS with Susan Amsden, Facilitator
Friday, June 18, 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific)

revealing HEAVEN using Eyewitness Accounts

After hearing over 200 NDE accounts, the Reverend John W Price makes a case for why Christians not only can trust NDE accounts but why we should treat these stories as precious gifts from the Almighty. Saturday, June 12, 6 pm Central (4 pm PDT | 7 pm EDT).

“revealing HEAVEN: The Eyewitness Accounts That Changed How a Pastor Thinks About the Afterlife” w Rev. John W Price

Saturday, June 12, 4:00 pm PDT (7:00 pm EDT)

The Rev. John W. Price is an Assisting Priest at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston TX He and his wife live in Houston where they are both involved in the community.  He retired in 2004, after 32 years in parish ministry in San Antonio, Austin (20 years) & Spring (8 years), and 7 years as Chaplain at St Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas (B.A., ’61, Plan II, Liberal Arts) and the Virginia Theological Seminary (M.Div., ’64). He was ordained priest in ’65 and commissioned Chaplain (1LT) shortly afterward in the Texas Army National Guard. He retired from the Guard as State Area Command Chaplain (Colonel) of the Texas Military Forces in ’95. He graduated from the School for Spiritual Directors at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery in New Mexico in ’86 and has been involved in teaching and leading spiritual direction ever since. He is one of the founding faculty of the diocesan school for spiritual directors, the Formation In Direction (FIND) program, teaching the psychology of spirituality and about the Near-Death Experiences. Member, International Assoc. for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) , ’99- .

Price is author of Revealing Heaven: the Christian Case for Near Death Experiences, HarperCollins 2013. He has been panel member on pastoral ministry with NDErs for three local IANDS conferences and was Keynoter for the Central Texas IANDS Conference in 2016 and the initial meeting of the Houston Chapter of IANDS.

How NDE’s Transform Our Lives (How to live the transformation)

Rabbi Robbins capstone message is that “humanity has turned the corner and will continue to realize even more that ‘we are all dependent on each other’ resulting in less avarice between competing ideologies and more agreement to co-exist for healing the welfare of ourselves and the planet!”

Rabbi Robins will focus on the positive messages he has received from his spiritual guides through his eight near-death experiences. Many people who have spiritual transformative experiences do not know how to deal with their experiences. He wishes to provide the insights he has received through his NDE’s. Each of his near-death experiences has provided additional information on human conditions that need attention. His life has led him to a position of influence in several areas and he is the first to say that it is a humbling experience. He believes he is directed to help others based on what he has learned through his spiritual connection. To help each person to focus on the most elemental question, “Why is this happening to me?”

Portland Oregon IANDS Rabbi Stephen Robbins, Psy.D., D.D. co-founder co-Rabbi with his wife Rabbi Cantor of Congregation N’vay Shalom, Co-founder of the Academy for Jewish Religion, CA; the first trans-denominational rabbinic and cantorial school. He is also a Kabbalist and a practitioner of Kabbalistic healing. In addition, he is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in psycho-neural immunology of trauma and brain development. He integrates both the science and the mysticism into a unified system of human development. This system is particularly applied to those with NDE’s. Rabbi Robbins has had eight NDE’s as well as thirteen surgeries and multiple STE’s. He teaches how to find the deeper meanings in the experience of each person’s NDE.

Greetings!  My name is Greg Thompson and I am the group leader for the Portland IANDS chapter.  I personally have had several near-death experiences and one shared death experience. In addition, I have had guidance to help me on my intended path in this life. I have helped people through rough times with grief, providing comfort and aid to people all around the world with the help of my guides.

I have written a book about my experiences entitled ‘Living with My Spirit Guides’.

I am excited about working with the members and friends of Portland IANDS. Talking and working with people of similar interest in an area that was for a long time ridiculed is a breath of fresh air. Everyone has a different and valuable perspective on the world and deserves to be able to share their experiences and thoughts in a safe environment. I believe IANDS provides that space.


MA-NDE Reckoning: What Does It Mean?

Nan writes: “Some NDEs send their experiencers back with an obvious message: Love; Learn; Serve. Others, not so much – and some hide positive meanings behind layers of questions and struggle. We wrestle especially with distressing NDEs, thrown into the hardest questions about goodness and evil,  ego and soul, and the nature of God, if there is one, and of human existence. We didn’t ask for this; so is the struggle worth it? Those who make the journey into the peaks and valleys of spirit and consciousness say there is ultimately a sense of resolution, and positive affirmations, even joy.” Additionally, she explains that she sees distressing NDEs “ …not as punishment but as an upwelling of something that needs to be heard.”

Nancy Evans Bush, MA-NDE Reckoning: What Does It Mean?
Wednesday, June 9th 7 pm CDT (5 PDT, 6 MDT, 8 EDT)
Sponsored by Dallas/Ft Worth Friends of IANDS,
Co-leaders: Jan Holden, Ed.D. and Pete Quortrup

Following her own distressing NDE, Nancy Evans Bush spent four decades as a leading researcher of these experiences. She is President Emerita of IANDS, a teacher, and an author of three books about distressing NDEs: Dancing Past the Dark (“The bible on the topic,” to quote Bruce Greyson), The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms, and her latest, the autobiographical Reckoning: Discoveries after a Traumatic Near-Death Experience. Nan writes: “Some NDEs send their experiencers back with an obvious message: Love; Learn; Serve. Others, not so much – and some hide positive meanings behind layers of questions and struggle. We wrestle especially with distressing NDEs, thrown into the hardest questions about goodness and evil,  ego and soul, and the nature of God, if there is one, and of human existence. We didn’t ask for this; so is the struggle worth it? Those who make the journey into the peaks and valleys of spirit and consciousness say there is ultimately a sense of resolution, and positive affirmations, even joy.” Additionally, she explains that she sees distressing NDEs “ …not as punishment but as an upwelling of something that needs to be heard.”

Nancy and IANDS: Nan came to the International Association for Near-Death Studies in 1982 as its first administrator and editor of Vital Signs for several years. After a break when the office moved to Philadelphia, she returned as a Board member and later President.

Biography: Nancy Evans Bush describes her professional history as “eclectic,” because, she says, it otherwise looks just scattered. Before coming to IANDS, she had worked as an English teacher, foundation librarian, admin assistant to “a shyster management consultant in the Chrysler Building,” grant writer, pediatric nurse practitioner researcher, and client service director for a large employment and training program–all in roughly five-year chunks and each providing background which would prove invaluable when she became the first administrator of the world’s first nonprofit in the new field of near-death studies.

That was in 1982. She had not heard of near-death experiences, though she had for twenty years been dealing with the effects of a reality-shattering event she had never mentioned to anyone. Like the work history, her NDE also did not fit a mold. It was unpleasant in the extreme, and cross-cultural, and unfathomable to the young woman raised in a liberal Protestant parsonage; she did not expect unpleasantness at death or about life.

Nancy holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY-Albany, with a certificate in French from McGill University and a Master’s in Pastoral Ministry from St. Joseph’s University (so she could learn about mysticism). Her three adult children live in Virginia, England, and China; seven grandchildren and two great-grands are scattered from Oregon to the UK. She and her partner of 42 years, Nancy Poe Fleming, live by a salt marsh in coastal North Carolina, where they observed the Covid pandemic by being quietly married.


Nan’s Books: (Available from Amazon and other booksellers)


Coming Back to the Infinite Consciousness of the NDE, Finding it Everywhere

The vast Infinite Consciousness than many encounter in an NDE is available everywhere and every when. It hides in every nook and cranny, closer than our nose. We can know and live that place while in a body. In fact, coming to know that place does not need to be difficult process limited to only a few people. It can be a joy filled journey of return to the Kingdom of Heaven which has been Here the whole time.

Growing up in small town Wisconsin, Ishtar had a childhood filled with mystical experiences. At age 13, he was in a car accident that took his mother’s life, and initiated an NDE that brought about a profound experience of Samadhi that stuck around for some months. After the Presence faded, he longed to return, resulting in an energetic spiritual search.

At 17 he began a regimen of meditation practices and ascetic disciplines that included waking to cold showers at 3 AM, fasting, and 6 hours of daily meditation practice. Longing to find his path, he encountered a practice known as the Ishayas’ Ascension, an effortless and deeply pleasurable form of meditation, which he quickly recognized as the ultimate path for which he’d been searching. Meditation practice brought consistent experiences of Silence, with eyes closed meditation and immersed in activity. Along with Silence, miracles, wild manifestations, witness consciousness, and extra sensory perception came as bi-products.

The vast Infinite Consciousness that many encounter in an NDE is available everywhere and every when. It hides in every nook and cranny, closer than our nose. We can know and live that place while in a body. In fact, coming to know that place does not need to be a difficult process limited to only a few people. It can be a joy filled journey of return to the Kingdom of Heaven which has been Here the whole time.



Precognitive Dreamer Has NDE & Changed Pre-Birth Plan for Love

Karen Schaeffer had a precognitive dream of her impending death. Later, in her near-death experience, her pre-birth plan is changed for love. Sponsored by Durham IANDS, Susan Amsden, Facilitator, Friday, May 21, 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific)

Precognitive dreamer has NDE and changes pre-birth plan for love.
with Karen Schaeffer

Sponsored by Durham IANDS with Susan Amsden, Facilitator
Friday, May 21, 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific)

Karen had her near-death experience at age 24, six months after having a premonition dream of her impending death. Fortunately for us, Karen celebrated her 25th ‘re-birthday’ this year and can relate to us what occurred.

In addition, you won’t want to miss hearing that Karen retained memories of having her life script rewritten, which also resulted in changes to the life scripts of the others involved as well.

Karen’s been an educator for 26 years and is currently a reading specialist in Peoria, Arizona. She is also an investigator with Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations which helps families, businesses, and government agencies deal with paranormal situations.