A Spiritual Journey in a Physical World


In reviewing his life, Mr. Thompson has discovered several paths that were set for him to follow in this life on earth before he came back in this reincarnation. He knows he did not have to follow the path because he is given choices. However, there are lessons to learn, and he trusts his guides who never tell him what to do. They are there to guide him and encourage him.


A Spiritual Journey in a Physical World
with Gregory Thompson

Greg Thompson has been living with his spirit guides his whole life. Hear how he communicates with them and how the communication techniques have changed over his life. He will also explain some of the events that have occurred and that you too may have experienced. He believes that everyone has spirit guides helping you even if you do not know it. Perhaps you will remember similar experiences and now know that there are spirits there to help you.

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Living with My Spirit Guides: Thompson 0, 0 Greg 0: 9781982256890: Amazon.com: Books


Mr. Thompson is a retired IBM software engineer and an empath who has had several near-death experiences, one shared-death experience, numerous out of body experiences, done remote viewing, astral travel, has psychic abilities, and has been blessed with the ability to communicate with his spirit guides. He is also the group leader for the Portland Oregon chapter of IANDS. He has written a book titled “Living with My Spirit Guides” which chronicles his experiences.

PDX IANDS: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1862443844058354