Holistic Breathing Technique w/Mark Pitstick


Various breathing practices have been used across time in different cultures to expand consciousness and assist profound healing. Dr. Pitstick developed the Holistic Breathing Technique after using different forms of breath work for over 40 years. After experiencing this powerful technique yourself, you can share it with others in your life and discuss afterwards.


Holistic Breathing Technique
Creating the Life You Envision
Series with Mark Pitstick, MA, DC


Various breathing practices have been used across time in different cultures to expand consciousness and assist profound healing.  In the Aramaic language, ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ had the same root word.  In the Far East, the words chi, ki, and prana conveyed meanings of breath, spirit, and life force.  Breathing exercises are part of many orthodox and more esoteric religions and spiritual wisdom sources.  Chanting, singing, exercise, and love-making are other ways to breathe deeply and rhythmically.

The Holistic Breathing Technique benefits body, mind, and spirit:
1. Body: releases toxins when chronically tight muscles relax; deeply inflates the lungs; strengthens the diaphragm; increases oxygen levels; removes trapped carbon dioxide; alerts you to areas of your body that feel tight and need massaged; invites you to stretch muscles that need it

2. Mind: increases awareness about what is bothering you and what you can do about it; releases stuck emotions; allows an incredible cathartic release via crying, laughing, and yelling; provides a creative time for jotting down insights and ideas; lets go of past lower-energy beliefs about yourself; assists grieving for all kinds of “losses” and suffering; helps you enjoy a more happy and free life

3. Spirit: provides a deep remembrance of who you are, why you’re here, and Who walks beside/within you always; deepens your faith and knowing about greater realities that explain life’s mysteries; reminds you that life and love are forever; helps you know that 99.9% of who you really are is a forever being who does not die and cannot be hurt

While on Earth, you have two sources of consciousness:
1. Transcendent Source of Consciousness (TSC) — also known as soul, spirit, essence
2. Brain-Based Consciousness (BBC)

The quality of your earth-experience is determined by the degree to which your TSC and BBC are congruent.  Life flows much more smoothly and wonderfully when your eternal self and brain are on the same wavelength and are communicating.  This breathing technique is a major key to making sure they’re on the same page.

The good news is that this technique can begin restoring your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  It helps you regain a more heaven-on-earth level existence—no matter what’s going on within or around you. Regular use of this technique can restore you to your rightful state as a healthy, happy, enthusiastic, and enlightened divine-human.

Recommendations Before Using the Holistic Breathing Technique:
> Be completely rested so you have enough energy to play full out.

> Eat a light, healthy meal a few hours beforehand so you aren’t hungry or have low blood sugar.  However, you don’t want your stomach to be too full.

> Avoid excess caffeine or sugar for 24 hours before the session.  Avoid using alcohol or other recreational drugs for at least two days.

> Practice diaphragmatic breathing beforehand.

> Get as relaxed as possible before the experience:
– if sitting, your feet flat on the floor and sitting up straight
– if laying down, use a mat, bed or thick carpet with pillow and blanket if needed
– wear comfortable clothing that will not bind
– bring lip salve to prevent dry lips during the open-mouth breathing
– drink some water and use the bathroom just before your session
– turn off any phones, pagers, or other potentially interrupting devices
– have Kleenex handy for wiping tears and blowing your nose
– Set an intention for just what you need at this time to greatly improve your life.

Recommendations for After the Session:
> Enjoy quiet time to internalize your insights and inner peace.

> Be careful and really focus if you drive soon afterwards.

> Share your experience with trusted loved ones if you like.

> Keep a journal to note any additional benefits that arrive in dream or waking states.

This session is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Do not participate in this session if you feel uncomfortable at any time.  Ask your therapist or physician before using this technique if you are under care for significant depression, anxiety, or any other “mental” symptoms.