FREE Video! A Day for Peace


You are invited to continue joining us to foster peace across the globe by experiencing this video of IANDS/ISGO’s “A Day for Peace”. Become part of the mass intention healing. Don Hoes gently guides a meditation while inviting participants to pray in their own way for peace then Nadine Telishewsky shares powerful healing messages and guides creation of a Peace and Love Quilt. Listen to some of our community’s wonderful artists performing Spirit guided music. You are also encouraged to continue sharing messages for peace, unity, love, and compassion from the homepage.

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A Day for Peace Festival
with Cathy Gabrielsen, Nadine Telishewsky, and Don Hoes
plus, music by The Mystic Chics and Dean Christensen

Please enjoy this free video that includes healing meditations for peace across our planet and fun music.

Highlights from A Day for Peace –– Held March 19, 2022  

Participants Featuring Start Time
Mystic Chics live music 00:03:50 28:58
Don Hoes spiritual experiences & practices 00:32:39 50:08
David Bennett peace video 01:25:16 02:50
Dean Christiansen live music (set 1) 01:27:58 26:38
Cathy Gabrielsen peace meditation video 01:54:36 18:13
Nadine Telishewsky love quilt and
angel messages
02:15:05 39:35
Dean Christiansen live music (set 2) 02:53:16 45:13
David Bennett peace video 03:38:57 02:50
Cathy Gabrielsen peace meditation video 03:41:43 18:13

Helping raise the vibration of humanity and sending out loving intentions across the globe for peace.

The Mystic Chics started us off with fun, inspiring music.
The Mystic Chics – A new genre of healers

Cathy Gabrielsen provided a video featuring a mass intention for healing and peace.
Gabrielsen Healing Center

Don Hoes helped us harness the power of meditation to connect to Source.
The online audience then shared their own messages for peace and continued to do so during the remaining program featuring inspirational insights from Nadine Telishewsy and then a musical interlude provided by IANDS/ISGO’s own team member, Dean Christensen…
Nadine hosted an interactive session where she shared messages received from angels for attendee reactions and comments! PLUS, a project was undertaken to envision a Peace Quilt! She guided attendees to create a quilt square infused with personal messages of peace for the world. She then led ethereal sewing together of the quilt pieces in the astral realm and infusing it with love while laying it across the war-torn area on earth plus envisioning it facilitating comfort and care for the displayed refugees and homeless victims created by the conflict.
You can communicate with Nadine via her website at

A Cathy Gabrielsen provided video leads a mass intention healing meditation for peace.
Gabrielsen Healing Center

Dean Christensen will round out this fabulous festival with his wonderful music.
(1) Dean Christensen – Musician | Facebook

Free to everyone.