Healing Grief with the Spirit World


Your loved ones on the other side want to help you heal from grief, regrets and depression. Be comforted by them and transform feelings of loss, sadness into peace. Join the workshop for an inspiring discussion, guided healing grief meditation and more.

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Healing Grief with the Spirit World
with Jennifer Farmer

Psychic medium Jennifer Farmer presents her book and related services for how to heal grief by connecting to the spirit world. Connect to the spirit world and communicate with your guides, angels and loved ones with more ease and confidence.

We do not sell books, but you can find Jennifer’s wonderful grief workbook at Amazon:

A Healing Journey: How to Heal Grief & Rebuild Your Life After Loss: Farmer, Jennifer: 9781735111650: Amazon.com: Books


Jennifer Farmer is a recognized leader in her field as a gifted intuitive, medium, and spiritual teacher. In 2008, she was named best intuitive medium by Bob Olson, Author of Answers about the Afterlife and host of Afterlife TV. She is the author of A Healing Journey How to Rebuild Your Life After Loss.

Her passion is to inspire people to tap into their connection to the Spirit World by connecting to their Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones. People from all over the world and all walks of life seek out Jennifer for professional and personal development.
She’s been a featured guest teacher around the world teaching signature classes on developing intuition, spiritual growth, living your higher purpose, and healing with the Spirit World.

For more than 14, she has mentored students online and around the globe in developing intuition and
psychic/mediumship discovery. She has created meditations for personal health, improving intuition, and connecting with the Spirit World. Her healing meditations were featured in Yoga Magazine in 2010. She is the founder of the Solutions of Spirit group and the Spiritual Growth Mentoring online community for spiritual seekers and lives in Texas.

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