How To Let Go of Pain


You’ve believed in pain’s realness more than your ability to overcome it. Realign your beliefs with truth and let go of the idea of pain once and for all.

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The goal of pain is death. To believe in pain is to withdraw belief from yourself, which is an extension of love & life (pain/death’s opposite). Furthermore, to believe in pain is to attempt to make real that which could never be. How painful is that? It is essential to realign your beliefs with truth so that you may live a love-filled and life-filled life.

You will learn:
– How people unknowingly manifest pain into their lives
– Why do people ever start believing in pain
– How to release the belief in it for good
– How to give that release to others

Let go of the idea of pain and embrace your true nature.

About JClay

JClay is a spiritual teacher and rap artist that makes music to heal even the most reluctant of minds.Awarded the Mental Health Advocate of the Year award by Healing Black Women, JClay is one of the leaders of the spiritual hip-hop movement.

His recent album “IAMNOBODY, IAMSOMEONE”, has been endorsed by industry & psychology professionals, music fans, and is being heralded as a key tool in healing the mind. “The way JClay is able to break down the mind-body-soul connection in song-form in reference to healing is truly remarkable.” —Dr. Nicole LePera, Holistic Psychologist. As one fan said, “If Jesus rapped, it would be this.” JClay is thrilled to change how music can be used to heal for good.

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Instagram: @jclay1st