Terminal Lucidity and the Border of Life and Death


Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute Dr. Alexander Batthyány offers the first major account of terminal lucidity, and opens a doorway into one of life’s–and death’s–most provocative mysteries. What might we learn from those who are crossing the border from life to death?

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Professor Alexander Batthyány has a deep background in both psychology and philosophical thought. He has published extensively, and lectures widely on related topics, most particularly on the psychology of death and dying. His most recent book, “Threshold: Terminal Lucidity and the Border of Life and Death,” will be the subject of our January meeting. On Wednesday, January 10, at 7:00 pm (Central Time), we will watch IANDS President Jan Holden’s pre-recorded interview with Dr. Batthyány, after which he will join us live via Zoom from his home in Vienna, Austria for a discussion and questions from the audience.

Professor Alexander Batthyány, PhD obtained a master’s degree in philosophy (of mind) in 1999, then a PhD in psychology and the theory of science from the University of Vienna. He is currently a full professor holding the Endowed Viktor Frankl Chair for Philosophy and Psychology at the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein and is Director of the newly established Research Institute for Theoretical Psychology and Personalist Studies at Pázmány University, Budapest. Since 2012, Batthyány is Visiting Professor for existential psychotherapy at the Moscow University Institute of Psychoanalysis, Russia. He is Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute and the Viktor Frankl Archives in Vienna and first editor of the 14-volume edition of the Collected Works of Viktor Frankl.

Batthyány’s current research interests include the history of psychological thought, logotherapy, and the implicit assumptions in psychological and psychotherapeutic theory. He is also interested in anomalous phenomena surrounding the death and dying process, in particular the phenomenon of terminal lucidity, which is the subject of his latest book. He has published over fifteen books and articles which have been translated into eleven languages, and he lectures widely on philosophical and existential psychology, theory of cognitive science, and the psychology of death and dying.

Dr. Batthyány divides his time between Vienna, Budapest, and the Hungarian countryside, where he and his wife and daughters are developing an alternative intentional community.

Prof. Alexander Batthyány, Ph.D