A Child’s Near-Life-Experience

Debra Kaiser


Facilitator: Janice Holden, EdD, IANDS President

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

8:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

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Taken to the hospital with a strep infection at the age of ten, Debra Kaiser had an allergic reaction to penicillin that brought her to the edge of life. Without warning, she found herself dispassionately looking at her body from above and saw her anxious and distressed mother in the next room. She soon came into the indescribable presence of a magnificent being. She was led through a profound life review that she describes as both painful and beautiful, followed by glimpses of her future – a process that persuaded her to return to her body.

Debra prefers to call what happened a Near-Life-Experience (NLE) because, for her, that realm was more alive than this one. In the decades since, she has witnessed the continuous unfolding of a “life of synchronicity,” marked by the recall of pre-birth dreams, the memory of struggling to breathe at birth, and the realization that she had also experienced an NLE at the age of four.

About Debra

As a child, Debra Kaiser was intuitive, curious, creative, and attuned to other realms. Always encouraged by her father to “trust yourself and the love in your heart,” she sensed that we are all inherently connected to a higher consciousness. At the age of ten, when hospitalized with a dangerously high fever, she had a severe anaphylactic reaction to penicillin that led to cardiac arrest. While only moments passed in that treatment room, Debra left her body for an experience outside of time that opened the gates to a life of synchronicity and an everyday transpersonal reality involving shared death experiences, precognition, automatic writing, and even spontaneous healing.

Spurred by an enduring call to service as an adult, Debra has explored ordination in the Episcopal Church and worked as a birth doula, a hospice worker, and a Reiki practitioner, among other quests. She eventually discovered IANDS several years ago and today serves as a facilitator and moderator for IANDS online sharing groups, along with coordinating other IANDS theme and topics groups.

Debra currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where she acts in various TV and film productions. Told in a series of dreams to “Write it down,” she is also working on her memoir and crafting a series of children’s books. She has raised three children to adulthood and now enjoys the love of two young grandchildren, who regularly remind her of the generational reach of her existence.

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