Alcoholic Atheist’s NDE Begets New Life


Louisa Peck’s NDE challenged her world-view – and her addiction-centered existence – to the core. Presented by the Dallas/Fort Worth IANDS Group.


What happens when an avid atheist, who is also an alcoholic, undergoes a vivid near-death experience (NDE) too real to deny?

Easy: She denies it anyway!

At age 22, Louisa Peck went against her deepest knowledge and made up a brain chemistry explanation for her experience, because if she were to acknowledge the existence of a spiritual realm, she’d have to give up the booze and cocaine that seemed to make life worth living.
For two reasons, however, her story doesn’t end there. First, even as she continued to drink and chase false idols, spiritual energies began to manifest for her – dark ones at first, because she was trapped in darkness. Second, the angel who, on the other side, had cradled her and bathed her with love somehow broke through to communicate with her and show her the path to a beautiful, meaningful, and joyful life.

Louisa Peck has presented twice at IANDS national conferences, as well as at Seattle IANDS where she writes the bi-monthly newsletter, presenting the stories of NDErs and other STErs whom she interviews. Now clean and sober for 27 years in Alcoholics Anonymous, she also shares her experience, strength, and hope as a featured speaker at large events and publishes a blog on addiction recovery in light of NDE spirituality. A former English and Literature professor at various colleges and universities in the Seattle area, Louisa is a lively speaker who shares easily, descriptively, and with a good dose of humor.

You can find Louisa here:

My NDE & Effects | A Spiritual Evolution

Addiction Memoir – A Spiritual Evolution:

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