Out of the Box – Insights to the Other Side with Chuck Swedrock


Chuck had a successful 40-year career in a Fortune 25 corporation constructing and then managing multinational computer services. In parallel to this work life, a spiritual life developed that crisscrossed structured analyses of a non-material reality as typified by near-death and similar experiences. Mixing these two broadly defined structured paradigms has resulted in an interesting mix for a theory of what’s really going on here!

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Out of the Box Insights to the Other Side: Maintaining Unity Consciousness While Embracing Diversity
with Chuck Swedrock, BSc, MBA, ACISTE Coach

Looking back on a spiritually directed life, a map can be drawn of how experiences accumulate through a lifetime to give us the ingredients for this present-moment “impression” of reality.

Using two brief illustrations, one from Dr. Michael Newton’s work revealed in his book, “Journey of Souls”, and the other from Todd Michael’s book, “Evolution Angel“, Chuck will share a lifetime journey that leads to the conclusion of why we are where we’re at and meant to be for the current moment.

A cowboy hat to emphasize the journey of this life...Then, looking at the twists, turns, and major episodes in life, Chuck will share some expansive views of what he has come to realize in working with many near-death and similar experiencers about what life on this planet appears to be versus some very convincing evidence for how it “really is”???