A Veteran’s NDE and Path to Revealing It with Chase Skylar DeMayo


Chase Skylar DeMayo is a U.S. Air Force veteran who died April 1, 2008, and was sent back to spread laughter, light, love and joy to the world. His near-death experience (NDE) occurred during cardiac arrest while he was stationed at Langley Air Force Base. For 12 years, Chase kept his NDE private for fear of judgment and retribution. Now he reveals the depth of his experience and its aftereffects. Come see and hear this remarkable, spirit-filled man!


A Veteran’s NDE and Path to Revealing It
with Chase Skylar DeMayo

Chase shares his NDE and the struggle to accept and share it.

From Chase:

I took it in and realized I was in Heaven, watching what happiness was. We didn’t exchange spoken words back and forth like a traditional conversation. The joy itself seemed to be the conversation; the light and the love that was flowing through me was filled with information and memories.

Jesus turned to me and said with another smile on his face, “You have to go back now.”

I took another look around. I remember feeling content with his guidance—as if this was all part of the plan.

“I need you to go back and remember to share laughter, joy, love, and light,” he said.

When he said those words, it was if they were being tattooed into me, or digested into my heart. Those words hit me like a truck.

Before I could respond, he started to grin again. It was the type of grin you have right before a laugh starts to come out. There was such a sense of fun and humor during my time spent in the garden. To me, it felt like the relationship you have with a best friend or sibling or spouse, where even the slightest notion could send you into peals of laughter.

His grin was my last memory before gravity set in and the weight of the world started to set into my human body again. It was obvious I was no longer in Heaven, where everything was so free and weightless.

What would a 21 year old do after such a clear, defined, and transformative experience while in the Air Force? Nothing. I told no one about my experience. I joked about dying with friends, but I knew if I told anyone about my experiences in Heaven that they would think I was either crazy, lying, or both. I couldn’t tell people I had met Jesus. Who was I to share that? A church might look at me and say, “He hasn’t earned his right to enjoy such an experience.” My friends and family might think it was all for attention. So, for 12 years, it stayed a secret from almost everyone but my close friends and family.