5 Purposes of Life w/Nanci Danison


Many believe we incarnate into humans to hold specific jobs, to learn certain lessons or how to love, or to earn our way to heaven. This presentation discusses the actual purposes of incarnation that Source/God revealed to me.



We souls choose our own purpose for incarnating each time. Some purposes apply to only one incarnation. Some may impact many, many incarnations. Five purposes were revealed to me while I was in the afterlife during my first, transcendental afterlife experience. I was given this information in response to my questions: “What is the purpose of life? Why am I on Earth?” The answers were planted in my mind in the form of what I call Knowings. Knowings include not only all of the factual information about the topic but also the experiential component, as though I had personally experienced everything that was downloaded into my mind. In this presentation, details are discussed about those various purposes and how the information Source/God gave me differs from traditional human beliefs.

About Nanci:

I am a retired attorney and current spiritual author who has written 5 books so far just on the experiences I had and the information I received in the afterlife. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in biology (anatomy & physiology) and chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, and a doctorate in jurisprudence. Since 1994, I have had 3 NDE-afterlife experiences, the first of which was transcendental in nature. The second and third NDE-afterlife experiences were what I call meetings with my Council, the group of Light Beings in the afterlife who are monitoring my performance of the mission I accepted at the end of my transcendental afterlife experience. I have also had 3 NDE-OOB experiences during which I got out of my body in hospitals during surgery or when very close to death. I have had what I call 2 “pop in” NDEs, where I popped into the afterlife for a particular purpose while still alive. During one I had a life review. During the other I received a huge download of information about everything that has ever been written in Earth’s history. Lastly, I was privileged to share my mother’s out-of- body adventure and death via an empathic NDE. For a number of years I was the group leader of Central Ohio IANDS, a chapter I founded. I have spoken at an IANDS Conference and various IANDS chapter group meetings over the years.

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