Perfect Heaven: How NDEs Reveal Details of the Afterlife


Using knowledge from a collective study of Near-Death Experiences and Patrick’s own visit to the Higher Dimensional Realm, a powerful set of Emergent Properties was revealed to him.  Patrick develops the framework that can be used to provide empirical, observable criteria for scientifically validating these postulates of the nature of Reality that resulted from this discovery.


A Perfect Heaven: How Near-Death Experiences Reveal Details of the Afterlife -with Patrick Hogue – aka Archedon

Using knowledge from a collective study of Near-Death Experiences and his own visit to the Higher Dimensional Realm, a powerful set of Emergent Properties was revealed to Patrick. In this presentation Patrick discusses three new perspectives about the nature of Reality that resulted from this discovery.

1.      Revealed wisdom – The Continuum of Existence

a.      How the evidence for Eternity, the Veil, and Pre-existent Free Will cure the world’s endless questions regarding needless or gratuitous suffering.

b.       What the collective Near-Death and similar experiences (ELE, ADC, ILE) reveal as Four Fundamental Purposes for this life.

c.       How a framework of 11 Axioms, Four Purposes and Three Conditions resolve prominent enigmas found in (Ontological) Philosophy and Theology.

2.      The Periplus – GooglHeaven (like Google Earth, but pointed ⇑ )

a.      Collectively, many NDEs describe trips to the Higher Dimensional Realm with consistent fundamental attributes.

b.      When aggregated, these features form a navigational map.

c.       A map drawn from actual explorations of that Realm will assist Humanity to understand the reality of the Afterlife.

3.      The Experiment – a method to demonstrate these observations

a.      Prospective according to the scientific method.

b.      Predictive and falsifiable as necessary for a solid hypothesis and theory

c.       Using open sourced and a statistically significant sample size (thousands+).

Patrick shares more about this presentation:

When I encountered IANDS six months ago and the vast progress made in presenting the validity of the Near-Death Experience by both scientists and experiencers, a compulsion to investigate became a dominant factor in my life. I was driven by the odd coincidence that my own “Experience” took place at the time Raymond Moody decided to make NDE his life work while in college in 1968. Thousands of times in the last fifty years, I have asked why such an amazing experience happened to me and what was I to do with it? Last summer after a surgery, I revisited that question and discovered all of you in this NDE community. Outstanding. Now it is clear. This presentation is the result and the beginning of a journey with you.

One last thought. Collectively, the information provided by experiencers over the last 50 years, is without question, the most extensive and clear information about the Afterlife ever available to humanity. You could say, the greatest most detailed Revelation unfolding Reality in history. This Revelation is full of love, healing, comfort, and kindness and is powerfully logical. You are a treasure to this world, and I hope this presentation acts as a thank you for the courage you have demonstrated.

Currently writing:

A Perfect Heaven: How Near-Death Experiences Reveal a 21st Century Afterlife


Continuum of Existence – Definitions (v 4.3.2022):

    1. Sthentic (s then tic) – The indescribable peak experience of a directed power in the Higher Dimensional Realm. Its attributed are:
      • Love, love, love, and more love
      • The all-powerful absolute creative lovelight
      • Brighter and bigger than 10 million suns
      • Kinetic power in motion, active and radiating
      • Personal – knows you down to your last action and atom
      • Totally Unconditional love without disapproval, accusation or judgment
      • No action in the Creaturely Realm can impede or deflect it nor put the slightest dent in it
      • Ultimate granting of welcome home to your very core with compassion, generosity and charity
      • Forcefully holding you in infinite preciousness
    2. 4DR – The four-dimensional realm of earthly existence. Its attributes are:
      • The entirety of the universe
      • The discovered laws and conditions of this universe
      • The incidental interaction with the higher dimensional realm
    3. HDR – The Higher Dimensional Realm – Its attributes are:
      • All that exists as revealed by the collective Near Death and other Experiences
      • No arrow of time
      • Larger infinity
    4. The Veil – Renamed the Estrangement Field to modernize its attributes which are:
      • The Field restraining conscious awareness of the HDR
      • Permeable to certain HDR energy
      • Allows the transition of consciousness (without 4DR physicality) to the HDR
      • Vast majority of interaction through the Field initiated by the HDR
      • Alignment of a certain spiritual energy or frequency allows some porosity of the field from the 4DR.
    5. A Person – Any human who has the slightest experience in the 4DR
    6. Preexistence – the existence pre-birth
    7. Death – The existence post dying
    8. Absolute Creative Presence – A being beyond all earthly comprehension that engages in the action of infinite creation.
    9. Free will – Self-actualized choices by a conscious Person
    10. Superpowers – HDR attributes of Persons
    11. Phase Transition – the changing from one state of matter to another
    12. Axiom – first principle accepted as true
    13. Eternity – non-measurable timelessness
    14. Emergent Properties – attributes not found in any individual of a group, only in collections