Aiming at Oneness: Silencing the Mind, Opening Chakras, Transforming by the Inward Journey


Become a channel of Light. Give up yourself. Learn how. Share this Energetic Presence as we learn and practice. Decades of practice cut a deep channel. Don’t talk my word for it. Come find out for yourself. Bring your Light or find it with us.


Learn to quiet your mind of language. Enter the silence. Train your brain. Take control of your thoughts. Find peace every day. Discover the easy tools of Kriya Yoga and Pranayama to find, identify, and raise your prana, and connect your chakra. Build a reservoir of peace within. Mysticism is experiential. Learn to identify the signs for a true mystical experience. Peter has forty years of experience in centering silence (Centering Prayer) and kriya practice. Become a channel of Peace, Joy, Healing, Love, and Light.

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