The Power of Words


Loreli Drache is a four time near death experiencer and medical intuitive shaman healer who has had a spiritual awakening as well as many other spiritual and paranormal experiences. In her presentation she’ll be speaking on the power of words and how they manifest everything within our physical experience. She’ll be covering her manifesto of how to create your best life by mastering your thoughts and perceptions.


The Power Of Words

Loreli had her first near death experience at age 7 in which she had a drowning accident. She went on to have three subsequent experiences. In 2019 she experienced a connection to Oneness during a spiritual awakening that transformed her perceptions of consciousness. Given many spiritual insights during her experiences, Loreli went about processing that information and embracing her psychic and spiritual gifts to be more of service in unconditional love.
Integrating back into physical reality after such transformative events was very challenging. She’ll be speaking on how this reintegration process affected her and on the key components of how words, thoughts, feelings and intentions create everything in our physical experiences and the afterlife.

Loreli Drache is a four time near death experiencer, spiritual mentor, medical intuitive, medical assistant, clairvoyant, channeler, energy reader, psychic intuitive empath, energetic alchemist, shaman healer, mystic, Reiki level II practitioner, oracle reader, reverend, intuitive jewelry artist, writer and poet.

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