Young Girl Meets God Face-to-Face


In 1981, a fourteen-year-old girl dies during a routine procedure. She meets her guardian angels and God, changing her life forever. Presented by DFW Friends of IANDS.

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In 1981 at age 14, Elissa Hope was in the dentist’s chair when she received too much nitrous oxide, died, and had an extraordinary near-death experience (NDE). It included meeting her guardian angels and God, learning that in time an important Earthly purpose would be revealed to her, and choosing to return to Earthly life in order not to abandon her mother. Although prior to her NDE Elissa had been raised without a religious affiliation, she had already been spiritually inclined, but following her NDE this inclination was profoundly magnified, and she manifested several aftereffects that have persisted throughout her life. Among her many subsequent experiences was the Earthly connection with, tragic loss of, and ongoing spiritual connection with her twin flame — ultimate soul connection. Elissa recently completed her first book, “Hope From Heaven,” which is scheduled for release in July. Join us on Wednesday, April 12, at 7:00 PM Central Time, to hear Elissa’s fascinating story of initial and ongoing connection with a domain beyond Earthly life.

About Elissa

Elissa Hope is a world-renowned motivational speaker, spiritual healer, and writer. In 1981, she died during a routine procedure, and while CPR was being performed, left her body and traveled to heaven, coming face to face with God. She was given the choice of staying in heaven or returning to life with an important purpose. Elissa chose life, accepting her mission to spread God’s Light, Love, and Energy. She now travels the globe to share her message, and her book, “Hope From Heaven” is due out in July.