Dying to Believe, A Life Reinvented


Transformation and metamorphosis through a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Betty Guadagno went from a drug addicted, sex worker, and self-described radical atheist to a devout believer in long-term recovery, working as a recovery coach, and manifesting a life beyond her wildest dreams. She will take you through her awakening journey where she was shown her pre-birth planning, the shadow world, her divine mission, and the interconnectedness of all things.


Dying to Believe: A Life Reinvented
with Betty Guadagno

In March of 2019, Betty had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. She was transported to the space between life and eternity, in a non-physical realm, in blinding white light, enveloped in unconditional love.

Before this experience, she was a militant atheist, drug addict, and sex worker. This experience took her through the fabric of creation and left her face to face with The Source of all things. Denying a power greater than herself was no longer an option.

In her life review she saw her pre birth planning, she was given insight that she had chosen all the adversity in her life. From being molested, abused, and neglected as a child to the tragic double suicide of her drug addicted parents.

After being sent back to Earth, she was given awareness as a spiritual gift. Knowledge that every being that enters and leaves her life is pre-determined and does so for a reason and a lesson for the evolvement of her soul. Awakening brought her to belief, and she is grateful to have an opportunity to share her story, mission, and purpose on this platform.