God Reveals Meaning of Life During Covid Related NDE ~ Jason Janas


God reveals meaning of life when Jason Janas had a Covid related NDE. In his NDE, he was given a view of religion and three items we choose when we come into this life. Hear these and other insights from his NDE… brought to you by Durham IANDS, Susan Amsden, Facilitator


Jason Janas shares his revelations from God during a
near-death experience from a Covid induced illness

Hear what Jason learned about how to view religion plus three basic items we have a choice to include when creating the plan for coming into this life. Be sure to take this opportunity to be intrigued with these many insights Jason was given.

Then ask Jason questions during the last 30 minutes of his talk for which you would like a deeper understanding and to probe further into the knowledge he gained during his experience.

Durham IANDS with Susan Amsden, Facilitator